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Why are people so fucking stupid?

Society is really pissing me off, lately.

First it all started with when David Sullivan killed Anna Svidersky, a harmless employee at McDonalds. I mean seriously, why the hell do people kill each other? They're just going straight to jail, anyway. If you want to go to jail, do it in a way where you don't have to murder a human being. Why choose to do it in a way where so many people - even people who didn't even know her - get upset? That's just not even cool, anymore. Fagsss.

And it's not just human beings, either. Animals - our very own pets. Why do people choose to take care of dogs and cats WHEN THEY'RE NOT MENTALLY STABLE ENOUGH TO DO SO?! God, what is wrong with people, these days... Don't they understand that they're wasting someone's life? I don't think they'd appreciate it much if they were locked in a cage every day of their life, without food, water, or bathroom facilities; so why do it to cute, young, innocent little animals? You feel like you have some control because they can't fight back? If you really had some control - control yourself. STOP abusing living beings. Get a grip.

Ughh, sorry for being a little (or maybe a bit more than that) like an anti-social, but people are just so stupid sometimes.

Welllll, um... Happy Mother's Day. =)
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they anoynmous comment was from me, i forgot to log in. and now, that i realized, i also realize it probably was too mean.
so i kinda take back what i said, but i really do disagree with your entry. and it's disapointing.
that's okay, connor. it was sort of a debate entry, so you don't have to take back what you said. I was hoping someone would comment from a different point. thanks.
anyways, I think I wrote that entry after I was watching one of those cop shows on animal planet. (why I watched, I'm not quite sure. perhaps there was nothing on MTV.) but I just felt inspired to stand up for animals. and you're right, around our community, most dogs are playing and unharmed; but I just didn't feel like the animals in bad homes, in bad cities, didn't have much of a say.

please, say as much as you want, that's why I left that entry open to the public.
i guess ur mothers day sucked, its cuz alaska wasnt there...but uh-no ya know what that means, mrs lemons is on crack